Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Update Since I've Missed So Much

Wow. It's been almost 6 months again since I've blogged. I wish I cared to be witty or funny in this post but really I'm just trying to check something off my to-do list. Good or bad, I'm checking it off. In the last five months, Bentley has learned to crawl, wave, high five, clap, stack up to 5 blocks (pretty impressive), and even do a few things in sign language. She is trying really hard to walk these days too and I can't wait for that day to come so that I don't have to walk around with her holding my fingers all day. She loves loves loves to eat and pretty much will eat anything we give her. I'm trying really hard to make her a better eater than her daddy so I give her quite a variety. Bentley has a great sense of humor for her age we think. She is always playing games with us and laughing. She is a super happy baby and so much fun to be around. Here are some pictures of the kid.

Christmas day with most of the Mecham cousins

Besties Bentley and Cora. They are just a week apart.

Always Learning

...and eating!
The rest of the pictures our from our recent vaca to mexico. We had so much fun and I even managed to get a little bit of a tan while keeping Bentley out of the sun. We went whale watching and snorkeling (where I got tons of jelly fish stings). But we are so glad we got to go. Thanks Mom and Dad for inviting us along.

Bentley's first plane ride

Putting on some sunscreen...

...So we can lay out by the pool

Family Pic :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Yay for family pictures. We got ours done today and I love them. We actually went to the mall which I never thought I would do. I have always felt mall pictures looked really cheesy and overwhelmingly tacky. I now have a different opinion and hopefully you will too. They turned out so good and we only payed $100. We really hope you like them as much as we do.

Plus the pictures turned out to be a great reason for some new fall boots. Love them.

Friday, September 23, 2011

What else is new?

Our baby is stinkin cute. What else is new. Here are a couple new funny photos of the bug.

Bentley loves sitting up by herself. Although she tends to fall over on occasion still and sometimes smashes her face. (Grandpa Mecham):)

I have to get creative when I need to take Bentley and other things up/downstairs. She doesn't love my creativity.

Love the bumbo. Definitley buy one.

At the airport waiting for Aunt Shonnee to get home.

Tummy Time. Bentley rolled over from her tummy to her back at 2 weeks old but now refuses to do it except on rare occasions. Instead she lays there and cries with her face in the ground until you roll her over.

Little Miss Natalie

Natalie Mae turned 5 this month. I can't believe she is growing up so fast. Her mom and dad threw a super fun party for her many little friends. They had crafts and water games and a yummy cake.

Natalie playing water games.

Bentley and I

Blowing out the candles

We were so glad we could see Natalie turn 5 especially since they moved to Oregon this month. We will sure miss them and already can't wait for them to visit. Happy Birthday Mae Mae.

We Tri'd

Dan and I have done a couple of triathalons recently. (Unfortunately, as you can tell from the photo, the wetsuits are not particularly slimming.) We did the Saratoga springs and Kokopelli sprint triathalons in august and september. It was fun to do something together that neither or us had ever done before. Plus I won the $4o prize for taking 1st place in my age group. (Even though I actually took second. Not sure what happened but I took the money and ran with it.) I'm having a hard time deciding if I love triathalons or not. So far, the best part is that people seemed to be really impressed with the idea of completing a triathalon. Little do they know, they could probably do it just as well as we do. But I don't mind seeming impressive.

The first tri we did with a bunch of friends from the ward. Notice I'm the only female. We will have to get more wives on board I guess. But it was fun and I didn't mind being one of the boys for a day. Our second triathalon was in St. George so we got to see Dan's sister Jan and her family. They came to the race to see us finish and took some great pics. Hopefully I will remember to add them when I get them from her. Stay posted.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I've been thinking a lot lately and there are a lot of things I need to do better, or just do period.

1) Be more grateful for what I have. I think I'm grateful inside but I should definitely be more vocal about it. Everyone knows I'm vocal about lots of stupid stuff so I'm going to try to be more vocal about important stuff.

2) Take more pictures of Bentley. I spend all day everyday with the girl, thinking about how adorable she is and loving her smiles and laughs and funny little faces but for some reason I fail to take hardly any pictures of such things. What kind of mom am I?

3) Enjoy myself. I kind of stress a lot. Like way too much. About really stupid stuff. I don't think I seem that way to other people but in my head it's crazy. I'm crazy. I just want everything to be perfect for Bentley and not have anything messed up. Crazy I know.

4) Be more positive. I wonder if I come off as a negative nancy. Usually I just say I'm being realistic but I want to be more optimistic. Yea, that would be good for me. and for everyone else.

5) Be more patient. I love my schedule. love love love it. Before bentley i never veered from my schedule at all. not for anything. unfortunately babies don't love schedules like i do. at least mine doesn't and from what i hear most other people's babies don't either. Its been a tough transition. I need to be more patient and just accept that she is never going to sleep at the same time or wake up at the same time or do anything at the same time that she did it the day before. It's. So. Hard. but I know we'll get it eventually.

This little gal is 4 months old this Saturday. Can't believe it. Love her.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For Jan

Dan's sister keeps asking me to post pictures of Bentley's room and I finally got around to it. It's cute but simple. Hope you enjoy:)

The flowers used to be centered but we had to move the crib to fit the swing in her room and I still haven't moved the flowers. I'm Slightly Lazy.

I've had this dresser since I was like 12 and it just matched the crib perfectly.

Window treatment my mom and I made. (Mostly my mom.)

The glider, my absolute favorite part of the room.

Changing Table and quilt that we made. I've also had that shelf since I was a kid. We were lucky to have everything come together and I'm lucky to have such a great mom who helped me a ton with everything!